The project

The objective of this day, set up by theAssembly of Young Jurassians | AdJJJ, is to participate in the emulation around the awareness of the issues related to global warming, promoted by young people from all over the world, French-speaking Switzerland and the Jura, at the beginning of 2019. The objective of the AdJJ is to connect young Jura demonstrators with the Jura political world and experts on the subject in order to determine to what extent it is possible to take concrete action at the cantonal level.

The aim of this day is to develop a concrete political agenda for the fight against global warming at the cantonal level. This will make it possible to reconcile the demands of the Climate Strike movement with political and economic realities. However, the aim is not to influence the movement's original demands.


The event is organized exclusively by the AdJJJ. In accordance with the Statutes and the wishes of its Bureau, the organisation aims to be as neutral as possible and strictly non-partisan. The format and themes chosen were chosen in order not to give an advantage to any one position over the others.

The cantonal authorities and representatives of the Climate Strike movement were informed in advance and support the AdJJ initiative.

Course of the day

The day will be divided into two parts, the first in the morning and the second in the afternoon. The morning will be devoted to debates and interventions aimed mainly at confronting each other's ideas as well as informing young climate strikers. The afternoon will be dedicated to the setting up of working groups, by theme, in which young people will take part. Their purpose will be to concretize project proposals.

During the morning, the project is to provide contradictory information in a dynamic format. So we decided to divide this part of the day into several formats. The first part will be dedicated to ex cathedra presentations by "expert" people (in environment, public policies, economy, etc...) as well as to the different positions of the political parties in the canton. Then, we plan to stage a simulation of a trial of cantonal climate action, in which the various groups present will play the protagonists (prosecution, defence, jury, etc...). The precise roles have yet to be defined. Finally, the "trial" will be debriefed during a short round table discussion that will take place in the aftermath. This discussion will aim to provide a vision for the future, not the past. This will make it possible to consider future actions to be taken to avoid the potentiality of such a trial.

In the afternoon, the young people, with the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the morning, will be divided into working groups and will work out autonomously, with members of the AdJJ, concrete measures to be proposed, either as demands to the Jura authorities, or as ways to launch a popular initiative, or specific concrete projects.

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Working themes

After having taken note of the official demands of the Climate Strike movement, the AdJJ decided to group their themes into categories, in order to structure the debates and working groups.

Thus, the following themes can be addressed during the day (list subject to change):

1. Economic issues
    Financing / Budgets / Taxation / Business / Training
2. Communication
     Prevention / Public information / Education
3. Energies
     Public lighting / housing / transport
4. Consumption
     Packaging / food / short circuits / advertising / disposable plastics

The various debates, interventions, working groups and measures proposed at the end of the day will therefore be organised around these thematic categories.

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