In view of the supplementary elections to the Jurassian government, the AdJJ met with the candidate and the two contenders to discuss their ideas, programs and characters. Find below the results of these interviews, as well as short versions on Facebook.

Romain Schaer

First to comply with the exercise, the candidate of theUDC represents the right in this election. Mayor of La Baroche and entrepreneur for many years, the outsider in this election can boast a real experience in management and as an executive. Although his resolutely conservative line does little to reflect the issues raised by a large proportion of young people, Romain Schaer appears to be a person of integrity and in contact with the field, and concerned with defending the interests of the periphery and conducting his department with rigour.

Anne Seydoux-Christe

After 12 years in the Council of States in Bern, the favourite in this election is the left wing of the PDC in the race for government. Particularly sensitive to social issues, such as gender equality or the defence of minorities, this lawyer by training is a candidate for stability and pragmatic compromise. Although her positions may seem to be less youth-oriented, and she is careful not to make any great promises, one can sense that she is open on many issues, involved for her canton and eager to bring people together.

Rosalie Beuret-Siess

The Socialist candidate, who also has many years of political experience at municipal level, represents the ecological left in the race to succeed Charles Juillard. Trained in the social sciences and a specialist in sustainable development, she has made the climate issue her main focus in her campaign, and is attentive to social justice issues. Her very optimistic and investment-oriented programme seems to be most in tune with the issues that have mobilized young people in recent months, but may run up against certain budgetary and executive realities.

➔ The general point of agreement: The three candidates were unanimous on the role that schools should play in raising critical awareness, educating people about new media and preventing misinformation online. They also welcomed the total ban on mobile phones in compulsory school.
➔ The main discrepancy: the treatment of the climate issue. While all three candidates are aware of the problem, for Romain Schaer this is not a top priority, and he has reservations about the notion of urgency. For Anne Seydoux-Christe, there are real efforts to be made, but she is resolutely optimistic about scientific progress and technological solutions. Finally, Rosalie Beuret-Siess formulated a more radical discourse on the energy transition and the change of model that this implies.

Organisation et logistique : Loïc Guerne et Pierrik Jordan
Interviews et montage : Pierrik Jordan
Équipe technique : Nicolas Ponce, Ulysse Berdat, Jonas Jordan
Matériel : Cédric Friedli
Habillage musical version courte : Archipel (JU) – Eternel Retour
Habillage musical versions longues : Gaspar Narby (JU) – Sight

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