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At the end of 2014, as part of the OPTI-MA measures, the Youth Parliament of the Republic and Canton of Jura was abolished. This was a symbolically strong event for the youth of the Jura, representing an attack on the freedom of speech and the involvement of young people at the cantonal level. This even though more and more cantons in Switzerland are adopting a Youth Parliament. This abolition was all the more damaging in that a reform had been envisaged and several ideas for making the parliament more dynamic had been put forward.


Two former members of the former Youth Parliament, Ludovic Morel and Jessica Wiser, have formed a Facebook page to mobilise young people and make their voices heard. This page, entitled "So that young people in the Jura can keep a parliament", has had more than 200 "j'aime" in the space of a week.


With the help of the Inter-Jurassic Youth Delegate, a group of young people was formed with the aim of creating a new Youth Parliament in the form of a private association.

It was decided not to revert to the form of the Youth Parliament as it existed before. The aim was, above all, to make a Parliament that corresponded to the desires and needs of young people. This was the major problem with the former Youth Parliament.

The working group consisted of a "core group" of four people. Other young people participated to a lesser extent or showed enthusiasm for the project.


Article de presse dans le Quotidien Jurassien

For almost 6 months, the working group held a series of working sessions to consolidate the foundations that had been laid. The AdJJ was created as a private ad-hoc non-profit association on 23 May 2015.

Subsequently, the founding members of the AdJC worked for a year in order to recruit new members, but also to develop the functioning of the Assemblies.


On 12 March 2016, the Constituent Assembly brought together 20 members in Bassecourt. The members elected the first bureau, ratified the statutes and internal regulations and participated in the first debate.

The AdJJ was born and was quickly recognized as being of public utility.

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